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Instant effect – from weariness to well-being in less than 60 minutes
Chinsan / Adapt 232 Mixtur
Adapt232® solución orral se basa en el efecto sinergético de las más eficientes plantas adaptógenas. Descubra sus beneficios...
Energía, Claridad Mental y Alivio del Stress
El producto más popular en Suecia
Arctic Root® contains the proprietary SHR-5 extract derived from the highest quality Rhodiola rosea root. SHR-5 has been clinically proven to enhance energy and improve mental clarity during stressful periods of work or studies. SHR-5 is the only Rhodiola extract with proven efficacy in clinical studies published in international scientific journals. Benefits: • Single dose and instant action. • Improves speed and quality of mental work capacity. • Taken regularly, it counteracts mental stress and improves concentration and memory. The most popular health product in Sweden – by a landslide Arctic Root® has been awarded Product of the Year by the Swedish health stores for five consecutive years.
Artic Root
Kang Jang